The importance of practical learning

Is practical learning important? One look at the quote below from Benjamin Franklin provides the answer to that question.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Theory is important as it gives you knowledge about a subject, but practical learning is how that knowledge is applied. Nothing beats practical, hands-on learning when it comes to understanding a subject and preparing you for your chosen career.

That’s not theory, it’s a fact.

No matter how well a subject is explained in a book or delivered in a lecture, it’s only when that knowledge is applied in a practical sense that it really sinks in; whether it’s how to train an elite athlete, supervise a busy kitchen, or design and build a video game.

With practical training you gain specific techniques that are relevant when you start working in your chosen field.

And importantly, practical experience is what employers are looking for in today’s market. They want to know that you’ll be earning your keep from the very first day you start work.

That’s why, whichever TAFE course you choose, you’ll receive all the necessary practical hands-on training you need to prepare for the actual day-to-day work you’ll undertake in your chosen field.

A TAFE qualification gets you job ready.

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