TAFE vs Uni

Once upon a time everybody would tell you that you need a university degree to get a good job. How things have changed.

TAFE is a flexible, contemporary and quality assured learning institution producing graduates who are job ready, in demand and ready to contribute to our state’s economy.

University can be research-based and focused on theory, while TAFE, with its smaller class sizes and one-on-one teacher assistance, generally offers more practical, hands-on skills, which is exactly what a lot more employers are looking for these days. Most TAFEs have articulation agreements with a number of universities in Australia, meaning your Higher Education Diplomas or Associate Degrees could give you direct entry into a Bachelor degree program with credit.

Generally, to get into university you need to finish Year 12 with an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank), while TAFE admission requires the completion of a School Certificate (Year 10) or Higher School Certificate (Year 12).

What about earning capacity?

On successful completion of your TAFE qualification, you could walk out of TAFE, fully qualified, and into a job with a starting salary in excess of $60,000. On average, TAFE graduates earn more in the early stages of their working life than university graduates do, giving them a head start when it comes to things like owning their own home.

You can complete a TAFE diploma in as little as two years, whereas university degrees are usually at least three, and up to five years long. In the main, TAFE is certainly less expensive than university. While university has a HECS program in place to help you pay for your study, there are some TAFE courses that have the same type of loan structure, VET FEE HELP, which lets you defer the payment of all or part of your fees.

So, TAFE or university? Which will it be?

With more courses, more qualifications and more places to learn, full time, part time, on campus or online, more people are choosing TAFE.

Tafe vs uni
With more courses, more qualifications and more flexible study options, more people are choosing TAFE.

Reference: The New Daily

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