How many times will you change career in your working life?

First, let’s remember there’s a difference between a ‘job’ and a ‘career’. It’s quite normal to change jobs ten, twenty, even thirty times or more during your lifetime, but usually it’s within the same career.

To change career two or more times wasn’t considered normal until only recently. And in fact, according to the latest reports, you’ll probably change careers anywhere from five to ten times over the course of your working life.

Why? It could be that you’re bored – you may find the career you chose wasn’t all that you thought it would be and you want to do something more challenging. Or you might find the career you’re in doesn’t pay as well as others. You could be looking for better job security, a career where the hours are more flexible, or – and this is an interesting one – the career you chose is disappearing. You only have to look at rapidly shrinking professions such as travel agents and the print industry to see why people are being driven to change careers.

Some of the most successful career changes eventuate from pursuing a hobby.

Some of the most successful career changes eventuate from pursuing a hobby. For others it’s opting out of high stress jobs to become a florist or landscape designer, while some do the opposite, leaving their less than demanding careers and moving into fast paced jobs such as nursing or becoming a chef.

Whatever your reason for changing careers, it means you’ll need to learn new skills. With more than 980 qualifications to choose from, TAFE is sure to have something for you. You can even study for a new career while working at your old job with TAFE’s flexible study options.

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