Alternative pathways for school students who do not meet the OLNA standards

An OLNA is an Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment designed to enable students to successfully meet the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) requirement of demonstrating the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy.

There are several alternative pathways to TAFE for school students who do not achieve an OLNA:

  • Vocational pathway (VET in schools): school students who complete a vocational course while at school can rely on their AQF qualification to demonstrate their literacy and numeracy skills (this is included in the guide) i.e. students can achieve an OLNA or a Certificate I, II or III to gain entry to a TAFE course (with the exception of qualifications within the Foundation Studies training package (FSK);
  • TAFE Admissions testing: TAFE Admissions adopted the reading and numeracy modules of the OLNA as its literacy and numeracy testing tool. Subject to verification with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, school students may be eligible to register for TAFE Admissions testing if they have not sat the OLNA at school within the six months preceding TAFE Admissions testing and if they have not exhausted their maximum six attempts at the OLNA;
  • Alternative assessment: students can be referred to the learning area at their preferred TAFE college for a Learning Area Assessment;
  • Students can enrol at any Certificate I level, as there are no entry requirements (this is included in the guide); and
  • Students can enrol into one of the Foundation skills and equity courses.

A prospective student who has not achieved an OLNA and submits an application to TAFE Admissions will be guided into a learning pathway.

For more information, download the TAFE admissions guide for entry to full time courses.

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